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California Science, Grade 5 – Student Edition (2008)

"California Science" develops science concepts through purposeful, hands-on activities, compelling reading content, and dynamic visuals and graphics. It provides pupils with accurate, standards-based content designed to create scientifically-literate citizens. Pupils learn through rich, readable content, strong visual connections, and hands-on activities.
Reading age for native speakers: Elementary School pupils (5th grade)


Be a Scientist
What Is Science?
- Observation
- Question and Hypothesis
- Experiment
- Collecting Data
- Conclusion
- Asking Questions and Forming a Hypothesis
- Defining Variables
- Designing an Experiment
- Collecting and Analyzing Data
- Forming New Questions

CHAPTER 1 Structure of Living Things
Lesson 1 Cells
Lesson 2 From Cells to Organisms
Lesson 3 Diversity of Organisms

CHAPTER 2 Plant Structures and Functions
Lesson 1 Vascular Plants
Lesson 2 Plant Transport Systems
Lesson 3 Photosynthesis and Respiration

CHAPTER 3 Human Body Systems
Lesson 1 The Human Body
Lesson 2 The Digestive System
Lesson 3 The Respiratory System
Lesson 4 The Circulatory System
Lesson 5 The Excretory System

CHAPTER 4 Earth’s Water
Lesson 1 Earth: The Blue Planet
Lesson 2 The Water Cycle
Lesson 3 Fresh Water Resources
Lesson 4 California’s Water Supply

CHAPTER 5 Earth’s Weather
Lesson 1 Earth’s Atmosphere
Lesson 2 Air Currents and Wind
Lesson 3 Oceans and Air Temperature
Lesson 4 Severe Weather
Lesson 5 Predicting the Weather

CHAPTER 6 The Solar System
Lesson 1 The Sun
Lesson 2 The Structure of the Solar System
Lesson 3 Gravity and Orbit

CHAPTER 7 Types of Matter
Lesson 1 Properties of Matter
Lesson 2 Elements
Lesson 3 Classifying Elements
Lesson 4 Mixtures
Lesson 5 Compounds

CHAPTER 8 Changes in Matter
Lesson 1 Chemical Reactions
Lesson 2 Metals and Alloys
Lesson 3 Salts

- Science Content Standards
- Science Handbook
- Glossary
- Index
Safety Tips
Links 1 and 2: Student Edition (13 pdf files/42.9 MB + 38.5 MB/~ 540 pages)
Link 3: Interactive Text (1 pdf/15.3 MB/208 pages)
Link 4: Activity Lab Book (1 pdf/2.45 MB/255 pages)
Link 5: Reading and Writing in Science (1 pdf/1.3 MB/198 pages)

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